Chris Jorge Design works on print, digital and illustration projects with clients from various industries.

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Who is Chris?

She is creative, smart and conscientious about her work. She also loves what she does!

Focus on people, products and other things
Chris believes anything she designs has to be top-notch. Visual elements make people take notice.

Knowing who you're designing for is a big deal. A company’s brand, logo and products are all focused on that specific demographic. Chris has a lot of experience designing for the young, the nerdy, the trendy, the astute professional and many more. Her work is custom created to suit the needs of the companies and individuals she works for.

The illustrative touch
In the past, Chris has worked on projects that have required more illustration than design. Chris' interest in illustration has segued into surface design. Many of her illustrations turned patterns can be purchased as fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap on Spoonflower.

Keep on learning
During her career, Chris has focused heavily on designing for educationally focused companies and institutions. Although creativity rules, Chris likes the process of sharing and developing ideas. Working with clients, programmers, content specialist, and other team members allows her to do just that. 

The crafty side
Chris' focus on education is two-sided. Chris loves to figure things out but sometimes you learn the darndest things by teaching. She enjoys teaching kids about the creative process. Her projects introduce aspects of culture, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and storytelling through various craft projects. She has taught in after school programs and at a local art center. It can be a messy (and loud) job, but someone has to do it. 



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