These patterns feature fictional and non-fictional animals. "Yeti Toile" is a Spoonflower favorite. It made it to the Spoonflower Top 10 Toile Designs in mid-December of 2014.

A toile pattern usually refers to a  monochromatic pastoral scene with a white or light color background. The "Yeti Toile" pushes the concept of the traditional toile by having a more modern illustrative feel. The scene is a serene winter scene full of peace and tranquility EXCEPT for that yeti. That juxtaposition is most likely why it made it to the top 10.

The other animal prints include a black cat pattern which is an exploration of a modernized damask. There's also a scatter pattern that includes a fishy play on words. And, finally, a unicorn pattern because... well, unicorns are awesome.

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