The Churchill Centre in Washington, DC consists of historians, scholars, authors and individuals who research the life and times of Winston Churchill. The Centre wanted to share its many resources through an educational site named Discover Churchill.

Discover Churchill delved not only into the personal history of Winston Churchill, but also his effect on world affairs. The site includes a robust collections of photos, which place the events of his lifetime in an historical context. An interactive timeline helps reinforce how one event in history influenced others.

The Centre also wanted to recognize the impact Churchill had on modern times. One portion included article, essays and excerpts by world leaders, journalists and historians who were inspired or influenced by Churchill.

The Centre wanted Discover Churchill to be a resource to all, but they recognized that it would be most beneficial for high school and college students. They wanted the site to feel historical but also appeal to a new generation of Churchillians. Yes, those who study Churchill are referred to as "Churchillians".

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