Polynesian Inspired

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Burda Style has come out with a sporty new dress on Sprout Patterns. The Mint Dress pattern features side metal zipper pockets and a deep V neckline. Sprout allows you to select from a large variety of print patterns but I really like it in this print called Pacific Glow. 

Ok, so I designed Pacific Glow. I wanted to create a print with a tribal yet tropical feel. My design inspiration was Polynesian tapa cloth. Tapa cloth usually consists of geometric patterns or motifs set in a grid like arrangement. The result is a fabric that has a lively striped or checkerboard feel to it. You've probably seen a Hawaiian shirt with a tapa inspired pattern. I also discovered that true tapa cloth isn't actually cloth. It's made from the inner part of tree bark which is pounded flat.

Pacific Glow is my ode to tapa cloth, since I don't think I'll ever get the opportunity to pound and soak tree bark until it resembles fabric. (I don't think I have the skills or patience required.)


Pacific Glow comes in three colors: a dreamy navy, a vibrant orange, and an earthy brown. The design features palm trees, ocean waves and a mishmash of interconnected concentric circles. It looks great as a dress, but would also make an excellent bag, a pillow or bedding. See more of my Polynesian inspired fabric here