The Unicorn of the Sea


The Milton Art Center has a community art project known as Art in the Windows. It all begins in the late spring. Teachers are matched up with groups of kids, usually Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. We create a piece of art that will be displayed in a prominent location outdoors. This year I was paired up with a great group of lively girls from Saint Agatha's Catholic School. The theme this year was ANIMALS.

My group of 4th grade girls were all about fairies, make believe and magic. There was one girl who was obsessed with pigs, but as brainstorming began... things turned mythical. Soon there talk was all about about unicorns. However some of the girls really liked the idea of the ocean. We eventually settled on the narwhal.

We decided we would have a magical narwhal swimming amongst a school of fish.

We used found materials, milk jugs and a spare sheet of vinyl board that was hanging around doing nothing. It was all looking fine until we painted the milk jugs. You see, the milk jugs were cut out into fish. We decided to paint the fish from a light teal blue to a deep blue (to have a gradated effect). Well, I learned something very important about milk jugs! Paint on milk jugs is not waterproof. Even if you spay fixative on them. Even if you ModPodge them to death. Sad to say, after a few good rainstorms are colorful school of fish turned milk jug white. On the bright side, the narwhal survived and looked awesome.