From Sketch to Pattern


I thought I'd start a new thing for 2018. I'm sharing the sketch that leads to the design. I obviously go through a thought process. I look for influences, reference art and color ways. There's usually a big idea that influences my design. It's the spark that starts it all! Here's my in-depth brain activity... 

FIRST, I think of what will sell. I have a grasp on upcoming trends such as illustration styles and color palettes. This pattern is shown in a darker palette but can be used on kids apparel or home decor

SECOND, I look for reference and style. This is when I scour through Pinterest. I have gathered tons of ideas on my Pinterest boards. This time around I fell in love with an artist Tomoko Suzuki. I liked how she put the scene inside the rabbit. Cool, eh?

Art by Tomoko Suzuki

Art by Tomoko Suzuki

THIRD, I sketch and erase and sketch and erase (paper and pencil like). When I'm happy, it's off to the computer. There the idea evolves into colors, composition and experimenting.

LAST, THE REPEAT. Actually I've been thinking of this since the beginning. This one become a directional pattern.